Kasper Kruse is a 30-something visual artist molded in the contrasty seasons of Scandinavia. His photographic work has been defined defined as a curious blend of literary story-telling and art photography, or, as he himself describes it, “a bastard format”.

His projects tend to be characterised by a troublesome love for magnetic melancholia, a kind of existential darkness that does not push you away but draws you near.

Kasper Kruse is currently also Chief Editor at Dansk Fotokunst, a digital magazine focussed on news and articles about contemporary Danish art photography.


1st Prize, Red Cross & Nivaagaard Photography Competition, 2016

Publications // Features

Square Magazine, issue 801, April 2017
Visceral8, Volume I: Form, 2017
Photogrist Photo Magazine, 2016 view
LensCulture Emerging Talent Gallery Selection, 2016
Phosmag, 2016
Nivaagaard Malerisamling, 2016
RAWZ, 2016 view
Float Photo Magazine, 2016 view
Shut Your Aperture, 2016 view
Snap It, See It, 2016 view
LensCulture / Fine art publication, 2016 view
BLUR Magazine / Issue 43, 2015 view
The Quiet Front, 2015 view
The Quiet Front, 2015 view
Lidt endnu / OFilm, 2015 view
Medea / Permanent display / VG, 2014
The Quiet Front, 2013 view


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Mit Fyn, 2016 read


Materialicious, 2016
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