True Memories // Visceral8 contribution

In the winter of 2016, I lost my sense of love. I found myself on the silent flipside of years spent testing the boundaries and capacities of human intimacy, and in an Icarian turn of events, I wound up antagonized and alone.

During this time, I was haunted by both past and present memories of love experienced, and maybe to preserve them, maybe just to keep myself busy in a time of crisis, I started to write them down alongside various visual expressions. When Visceral8 contacted me and asked me to do a series on “Form”, it sparked an idea which would bring my desk drawer ramblings together in a coherent narrative:

I asked people, who had somehow been part of my love stories, to shape my wordings with their individual handwriting. I wanted them to play an intimate part in the form and feel of our shared recollection. A jointly relived moment of love and/or revelation. A recapture of my recaptures, if you will.

As the handwritten letters started to find me, so did a newfound sense of life and love.

The result is a series of photo-illustrated stories about the nature of love between lovers, between friends, between generations. They’re all as truthful as any memory is.

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